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Here’s a complete list of all Keyword Strategy’s features:

  • Rank Tracking: Track your rank in Google for ALL your keywords. Historical graphs show if you’ve gone up or down over time.
  • Internal Links: Completely map out the internal link structure of your website, even the specific anchor text.
  • Backlinks: Track all the backlinks people are using to find your site. Even what anchor text they’re using.
  • Powerful Search filters: Search for words or text fragments, text at the beginning or end of a keyword, greater than, less than, AND/OR filtering, and the number of words in a keyword
  • Quick Search: Quickly access the most common search filters. Create your own and save them for a single project or all your projects.
  • Social Tracking: See how many Google +1, Facebook Likes and Twitter Tweets every page of your site is getting
  • Get Keywords: Direct integration with the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, SEM Rush and other keyword services and databases. You can even extract keyword ideas from your competitors.
  • Competition Metrics:
  • We’ll tell you how many other pages on the internet contain your keyword in their TITLE tag.

  • Monthly Search Volume: Find out how many people a month are searching for keywords.
  • Import Keywords: Copy-paste your keywords from text files or upload Google Keyword Tool CSV spreadsheets
  • Google Integration: Connect your project to your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools accounts to find keywords and track visitors.
  • Alerts: We’ll tell you every time we find a new page, connect a keyword, or discover a backlink. By email or RSS feed.
  • Blacklisting: Hide a keyword so you never have to deal with it again. You can always retrieve blacklisted keywords later if you need them.
  • Customizable Interface: Hide or reveal columns, change column width or the number of keywords to see per page. We’ll remember your settings.
  • Tags: Tag your keywords to keep them organized. Whatever works best for you.
  • Automation: We index your site, crawl all your pages, and automatically figure out which keywords you’re targeting. And which ones you need to work on.
  • Visitor Tracking: See how many visitors are coming to your site for each keyword.
  • Keyword Grouping: Gather together all the keywords targeting a single URL on your site, and keep them organized.
  • Optimization Suggestions: We’ll recommend changes you should make to your site to rank better in the search engines.
  • Tutorials: Our handy tutorials will help you explore every part of the interface, when you’re ready.
  • Export Keywords: You can export all your keywords, selected keywords, or filtered keywords in Excel, CSV, or text format.
  • Keyword Discovery: See all the new keywords people have used to get to your site. Find keywords in your existing pages.
  • Vibrant Community: We’ve got a busy forum, and an active Twitter feed. You’ll get lots of great support.
  • Great Support: Send us email, chat on Skype, watch our Videos or read our manual. We’re here to help you succeed online.
  • WordPress Plugin: Automatically link your keywords to their destination pages within your site, insert keyword variations into your pages, and find more places for internal links.

Go on, take a 30-day trial and see how powerful a tool we’ve created. Your business will thank you.