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Keyword Strategy is an online keyword management software developed by Fraser Cain and Alexander Allahverdiev. The software started out as an in-house database system used by Fraser to manage his search engine optimization efforts for Universe Today. In a little over 3 years, Fraser was able to grow the search engine visits to his site from approximately 3,500/day to well over 60,000/day, purely by adding the kind of content his visitors were looking for.

Universe Today search engine visitors in 2008.

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Universe Today search engine visitors in 2011.

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Fraser Cain
Fraser Cain
Fraser Cain is a seasoned tech entrepreneur, with several software companies under his belt. He was the co-founder of Vancouver-based Absolute Software (TSX:ABT), and the Vice President, Operations of (now LiveCurrent). He was also the Director of Marketing at

Fraser is best known as the publisher of Universe Today, a space and astronomy news website read by more than 3 million people a month, and the co-host of the popular Astronomy Cast podcast.

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Alexander Allahverdiev
Alexander Allahverdiev
Alexander Allahverdiev is the technical side of this partnership, creating the code and database that makes Keyword Strategy possible. Alex hails from Mykolaiv (Миколаїв), Ukraine, a shipbuilding city near the Black Sea; a career path he cleverly dodged by studying business and then computer science. He has been developing web-based applications since 18, including an administrative control panel for web host providers, an SEO toolset for a US-based auto company, and a really cool web-based MP3 application.